Please make checks or money orders
payable to:

The Association for a
Buffalo Presidential Center

For more information contact:

Maryann Saccomando Freedman
c/o Cohen & Lombardo, P.C.
343 Elmwood Avenue, PO Box 5204
Buffalo, New York 14213-5204

Phone: 716) 881-3010
Fax: (716) 881-2755

















Become a member at any level:

9 stars President's Circle $1500.00
8 stars First Lady's/First Gentleman's Circle $1000.00
7 stars Vice President's Circle $750.00
6 stars Cabinet Circle $500.00
5 stars Chief of Staff Circle $250.00
4 stars Senior Advisor's Circle $100.00
3 stars Citizen's Advocate's Circle $50.00
2 stars Citizen $25.00
1 star  Student        $10.00

Donations of any size are always welcome!

Make checks payable to the
Association for a Buffalo Presidential Center

and mail to:
PO Box 524, Buffalo, NY 14213

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