The Association for a
Buffalo Presidential Center

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Buffalo, NY 14213

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Suggested Buffalo Presidential Sites

Grover Cleveland StatueGrover Cleveland Monument at City Hall


Millard Fillmore StatueMillard Fillmore Monument at City Hall


Frances Folsom Cleveland  Birthplace 2

Francis Folsom Cleveland Birthplace, 168 Edward St


William Cleveland Allen's Villa at River Lea

William Cleveland Allen's Villa at River Lea


110 Franklin Street110 Franklin Street plaque

First Unitarian Church, 110 Franklin St.: Fillmore and Lincoln worshipped here.


Grover Cleveland High School

Grover Cleveland High School, Porter Ave


McKinley MarkerWilliam McKinley Memorial Marker

William McKinley Memorial Marker, Fordham Drive median between Elmwood Ave. and Lincoln Parkway


McKinley  Monument at Niagara Square

McKinley Monument at Niagara Square


Roosevelt Statue Roosevelt Statue Stand

Statue of Theodore Roosevelt at the Theodore Roosevelt Site


Breckenridge St Church

Breckenridge St Church, 44 Breckenridge St


Soldiers  and Sailors Monument

Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Lafayette Square


Abraham  Lincoln Sclupture

Abraham Lincoln at Lincoln Parkway


Abraham Lincoln Statue

Abraham Lincoln at the Buffalo History Museum


George Washington Monument

George Washington Monument at Old County Hall
92 Franklin Street