Elwin “Rich” Richardson has meticulously collected a vast array of political and historical Americana for more than four decades.  He and his family traversed the country, scouring antique shops and garage sales, attending antique and political Americana shows and visiting presidential museums and libraries. 

Piece by piece, his family home became a museum. He adorned it with thousands of presidential portraits and posters, banners and broadsides, busts and statues, plaques and bronzes, china and glassware, campaign buttons and badges, tokens and medals, bobble heads and figurines, hats and canes, and numerous folk art pieces.  There are literally several collections within the whole, and even an entire room full of “Uncle Sam” memorabilia.  In addition, he amassed a library of nearly 1000 books, as well as binders full of campaign pamphlets and political ephemera of every description. 

We are delighted that they chose The Association for a Buffalo Presidential Center (ABPC) as the museum to showcase the Collection.  As the ABPC awaits a permanent location in Buffalo, we will be presenting part of the Elwin J. Richardson Collection on our website.  We hope you enjoy this on-line gallery and we look forward to any comments from viewers.
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Welcome to the Richardson Gallery

Rich Richardson Presenting


Two Rogers Sculptures


Admiral Dewey


Beams and Busts


Busts and Ceramics 1


Busts, Clock, and Lamps


Buttons and Badges


Buttons and Badges 2


Calendars and Cigar Boxes


Carruthers-Toby Set


Clay Pipe


Cleveland 1


Cleveland 2


Cleveland 3


Cleveland 4


Dolls and Toys


Doughty's Mincemeat


FDR and Garfield


FDR-Stangle Group




Figural and Buffalo China


Figural Ceramic Mugs


Figural China and Glass


Figural Glassware and More


Figural Set and Frames


Figures 1


Figures 2


Figures 3


Framed Pictures and Plaques


Framed Silhouettes


Garfeil and Wilson


Glass and China 1


Glass and China 2


Glass and China 3


George Washington and U. S. Grant


Hayes and Wilson


Large Busts Plus


Library 1


Library 2


Library 3


Lincoln 1


Lincoln 2


Lincoln 3


Lincoln 4


Lincoln 5


Lincoln 1


Lincoln Chromo and Bronze


McKinley Bust - Teddy Folkart


Miscelaneous China and Glass


McKinley 3


Miscelaneous McKinley


Nixon Figural and Stuff


Plaques 1


Plaques and Frames


Plaques and Statues


Record Albums and Stuff


Sets and Stuff


Teddy 1


Teddy 2


Teddy 3


Teddy 4


Teddy 5


Teddy 6


Teddy 7


Uncle Sam 1


Uncle Sam 2


Uncle Sam 3


Uncle Sam 4


Uncle Sam 5


Uncle Sam 6


Uncle Sam 7


Roosevelt Bust and Washington Statue